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Investing in Commercial Real Estate – Can it Weather the Credit Crisis and the Downturn?

Lately, a lot of investors and friends have asked my opinion about the effects of the credit crisis on commercial real estate. You’d have to be living in a cave not to know about residential values falling, but there doesn’t seem to be a general consensus about where commercial is going. If I had to forecast, and technically I do because the fund I co-manage operates as an asset based lender collateralizing on commercial real estate, then I would say we are heading back to reality. To understand where reality is, I think it’s important to understand the unreal place commercial real estate has been in. During the boom, commercial real estate, and most notably income properties, seemed to lose their very definition. Income property by its name is supposed to produce income. Since real estate became everyone’s favorite alternative investment, there were a lot more buyers competing for the same income properties and many of those inexperienced buyers didn’t understand the methods of valuating them.

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Window Cleaning Business Franchises

Why Window Cleaning is a Great Choice as a Small Business

If you are considering investing in small businesses, take a look at the window cleaning business. From the look of it, window cleaning seems a little shaky to invest in. But if you spare a few minutes to do some research, you will come across facts and statistics that shatter the myth. This means that there is huge potential in securing long-term customers and getting regular work for your business.

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Writing a Business Plan in 2008

The big push in MBA schools for business plan class projects is to get into a group and collaborate and come up with a really nice business plan amongst the team. Well, in the real world it does not really work like that although, it is thoughtful of the professors of academia to put forth a really nice effort in teaching the kids.

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